• Sbgm75

    Wall Manager is Dead

    July 2, 2015 by Sbgm75

    It is with much sadness that I must report that the WM is dead.  Merricksdad has done an amazing job for all of us over the years but no longer has any free time to dedicate to coding.  If you have used the WM and never had a chance to say a thank you to him, please make sure you do.  In fact, if you have the ability, send him a donation via PAYPAL. Although he won't be working on the script, it would be a nice way to say thanks for all his hard work and dedication over the years.

    We thank all of you for sticking by us all these years through the ups and downs of keeping up with facebook changes. Even when we stopped gaming, we kept at it because we knew how much you appreciated the effort. It has been our pleasure working and getting to kn…

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  • Merricksdad

    It lives....Again!

    December 11, 2014 by Merricksdad

    Once again, the WM is resurrected. This time, lets run it on friends lists!

    Our friend Rich has suggested that he gets a lot of posts to show up on a friends list. So to do this, let's do what we can from your facebook news feed. (This is for before you install WM4. If you have already done so, disable grease monkey while you set up your list.)

    1. On the left side, you should see a column of links which may include APPS, PAGES, GROUPS, and FRIENDS.
    2. From the FRIENDS sub panel, click the "more" link. A shortcut to this page is here.
    3. Once on the Friends List panel, use the "+ Create List" link to create a list you will specifically use for game posts. If you already have one, ignore this part.
    4. Give it a name, and add at least one member. An easier way…
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  • Merricksdad

    WM dead?

    December 1, 2014 by Merricksdad

    Sorry I have been sick and not on the computer much the last few days, so I have missed all your worries.

    As some of you have already noticed, WM requires the use of the old Graph API version 1, which is for some reason no longer available on the Graph API Explorer for testing. Because WM is not an app, it cannot retreive its own app id and then request posts, so it relies on a facebook owned app to get it for us. Not that such a solution would work anyway, since the new method of retrieving posts for any app is to request those posts directly through that app, and it will retrieve only those posts for that app or which you share an app with another friend/subscriber/etc.

    Until further notice, WM2 and 3 are deader than doornails. Schrödinger'…

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  • Merricksdad

    WM 3.1.9 Details

    September 4, 2014 by Merricksdad

    As of FQL v2.1, Facebook is no longer allowing users to requests data which belongs to another specific user. We can still request posts by our friends, but we can no longer single them out unless we are joined by another app. Since WM is not an app, we cannot make a direct connection between you and your friend, other than the generic friend database in Facebook.

    So what does that mean? It means that if you add your friend user ids to WM in the friend manager, it isn't doing you any good (in fetching can still do rules manager stuff based on those entries). It also means you cannot pull from public profiles who are NOT your friend, and to whom you are NOT subscribed. What WM now has to do is fetch all posts by all your friends…

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  • Merricksdad

    I have been thinking hard about the WM and trying to keep it alive after next april. Not many people are using it, but for those that do, it is an indispensable tool. In its current form, it will be nothing but a dead lump next April. But, if we revert it to its original form, one that pulls off the facebook wall as facebook displays it, then maybe we can still use at least part of it. It won't have 50% or more of its current capabilities, but that might not be all bad.

    The problems will revert to those it had years ago:

    • any time facebook makes layout changes, WM will die and need to be repaired.
    • scam posts with weird app id's will need to be filtered to avoid virus/worm contact
    • posts may not fetch in order, and may skip hundreds of posts by y…
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  • Merricksdad

    WM went to the doctor today. There is good news and there is bad news:

    I've been studying the Graph 2.0 changes which have already partially taken place as of April 2014, and will be enforced in April 2015.

    The good news is that the current WM can still get updates and continue to function for a while. I've been able to create automatic friend/friendlist fetchers for WM so that you can fetch stuff by those values. With that same technique, I can use it to get posts from groups you are in if that is what you want to do.

    The bad news is that in April 2015, graph 2.0 will be enforced and the auth tokens we have been getting from the Graph API Explorer will only get us data shared by users who also use the explorer. This will basically put WM out…

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  • Merricksdad

    I just started updating the wiki, and man is this going to take some time. There are pages that still show WM2 options contents from early WM2.

    I'm going to start with the most used pages first and work my way out from there. I just did the new user install page first. Seems most important.

    If you see something that needs fixed, and if that page is admin locked, just point me there with a comment or something. Feel free to talk to me on my wall here too.

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  • Merricksdad

    Forced To HTTPS

    December 2, 2013 by Merricksdad

    Today WM is updating its connection address to secure browsing, due to the fact that FB has ordered the change back in July. They are still getting around to making it worldwide, and some of you may be noticing your WM wont start AND that you cannot remove the https from the address.
    These changes now require that WM2 and 3 be updated to include that address, as well as ALL sidekicks being updated to allow them to dock to the moved host.
    If you are having issues with your current versions, get your WM host updates right now, and then look for your sidekicks to update shortly after.
    Sorry for any downtime you may experience this week due to some sidekicks not having parents around to care for them. If I need to, I will post mods on my own use…

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  • Merricksdad

    Feature Requests Again...

    September 5, 2013 by Merricksdad

    So, I guess while I am resurrecting WM again, lets get a feature request going. Feel free to comment your requests right on this blog entry. I will add reasonable and not-too-hacky requests into this entry's list.

    Here is what we have so far:

    • Rules Manager: Fetch posts within a range of time
    • Rules Manager: Fetch posts back until a certain time
    • Feature: Smoother Autolike
    • Rules Manager: Auto-comment
    • Feature: Auto-comment random comment list
    • Feed Manager: Block an individual feed (WM3 rules manager can already do this)
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  • Cubguyms

    Token Issues - Again

    September 4, 2013 by Cubguyms

    It looks as though FB has made some changes to the way the API console is accessed again.  When my WM tries to connect and get a token, it keeps popping up some part of a webpage ( that says "Graph API Examples"  in my JS Debug console at the bottom along with a Facebook Developers logo and  the message "cannot get token".

    I have tried the entire un-install and re-install and that did not work.

    FF:  23.0.1

    WM:  3.0-b37

    Sidekick (PT) 3.1

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  • Merricksdad

    So I hear a lot of chatter about the WM3 beta over the last half year (or so). I'd really like to get WM3 moved up to the standard edition soon. Maybe even before june hits and I go on vacation.

    While I still don't have at-home internet, I have taken a bit of the donation money to fix up my bike. I can now ride the two miles to some internet and do some work at least two days a week, if not 4 or 5.

    So here is a smallish list of the current complaints about WM3 beta:

    • Issue saving options: I really need more info on this topic. I can't duplicate it, and so I also don't seem to have to do the things you guys have come up with to get around the issue. Fill me in as completely as you can and I'll get the config fixed.
    • Speed lower than WM2: Assuming…
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  • Cubguyms

    Cannot Get Auth Token

    January 11, 2013 by Cubguyms

    Has anyone been experiencing the following:

    Graph initialized Debug Console InitializedScript: main initializedGraph.fetchUser()Graph.fetchUser: no authToken, get oneGraph.requestAuthCode()Graph.requestAuthCode: Graph.fetchUser()Graph.fetchUser: no authToken, get oneGraph.requestAuthCode()Graph.requestAuthCode: Graph.fetchUser()Graph.fetchUser: no authToken, get oneGraph.fetchUser: cannot get new fb auth token

    I have cleared cache, history, installed the patch and cannot get the console to load.

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  • Merricksdad

    WM 3.0 In the Works!

    September 24, 2012 by Merricksdad

    Over the last week, I have taken almost every minute of my free time (minus playing Planescape: Torment...a lot) to work on upgrades to the WM system.

    One of the biggest issues WM has had since leaving Firefox 3.6 in the dust was its inability to then function on Google Chrome. If WM is to continue getting better, it really needs to work on all browsers, or at least those that generally follow some so-called standards. I personally believe that the proper implementation of HTML5 documentation is a goal all browsers should strive to achieve. For the most part, I think all the major browsers have done this except Chrome.

    While close, Chrome's implementation is found lacking in the areas that are most important to WM, but why? Chrome's programm…

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  • Merricksdad

    Pioneer Help Needed

    September 17, 2012 by Merricksdad

    Getting quick and easy details to some games is becoming very very hard for me. I put a lot of effort into my Frontier Explorer script so I could stay up to date AND ACCURATE on all your frontierville/pioneer trail needs. However, PT recently moved from one server to another and put a new handler on all their gamesettings files. I rewrote the explorer to get around that, but once again, there is a new handler. Yay me!

    What to do? I have a very very sluggish and mostly nonfunctional "borrowed" internet connection. Working on the PT sidekick has become such a pain in the ass that I am about to give it up. Its been more than 30 days between the last two updates, and the next one may be longer. I appologize for that.

    If you guys want me to keep …

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  • Patti1211

    Wall Manager stopped working

    September 15, 2012 by Patti1211

    My WM stopped working. It was working fine yesterday. When I started it today, I got the pop up to install a new version of FV sidekick which I did. Not sure if this is the reason why it stopped working. I disabled the FV sidekick to see if that made a difference and it still will not load past the launch site. I've seached your page to see if there were similar issues, but I couldn't find anything. Everything is up to date...current version of WM is 2.2.4, GreaseMonkey is 1.1 and the sidekicks are FV 0.1.25 and Cafe World 0.0.21. I have tried closing FF, clearing cache and rebooting, but nothing seems to work. Any suggestions?

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  • Merricksdad

    Request for Ideas

    September 11, 2012 by Merricksdad

    I've been brainstorming some ideas and adding to the intended upgrades for dynamic grabbing and priority/rules. So far, here is what I have:

    • Dynamics as text editor for advanced users
    • Create and remember dynamic return types
    • Append custom return types to the options menu
    • Interface offers "new root" button instead of just creating child nodes you need to move up
    • Interface cut and paste

    • Rules can be nested
    • Rules can use the following new event hooks:
      • onIdentify: do something when a post is identified (or reidentified)
      • onBeforeCollect: do something before collecting this post
      • onAfterCollect: do something just after collecting this post
      • onFailed: do something when a post collection fails
      • onAccepted: do something when post is successfully accepted
      • onTimeout…

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  • Merricksdad

    Thanks goes to OysterGirl for adopting the CafeWorld Sidekick. You can migrate to that script right on the Downloads page. I've replaced all my original links with hers.

    You may want to remove my version, or installing hers will give you two CW sidekicks running at the same time. You could alternately just disable mine.

    Unlike myself, OysterGirl is actually playing CW.

    Thanks again!

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  • Merricksdad

    Ok so if you are playing RwF or RsC you already know that their contract ran out (from what I hear, twice) and there will be no further content for those two games. I do not know if that includes the (in my opinion hideous) Raven castle thingy. Because of this, I am shutting down any updates for that sidekick until further notice, which will probably mean that I will not pick it back up even if LOLApps (or whoever they are now) decides to make more content.

    If you or someone you know wants to adopt the Ravenworld sidekick, to make additions, changes, or simply rewrite the sidekick to make a better layout, please let me know and I will simply give it to you.

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  • Merricksdad

    Ok all, its about time, but I've been working on some chrome support in the main script.

    You may find that simple sidekicks like RwF/RsC or other one click wonders work perfectly with WM 2.2 in chrome. There are however a few stipulations to get it working. You may or may not find them to be requirements.

    • FBWM must run before sidekicks, just like it used to with WM 1
    • You must restart chrome after any change in library files associated with FBWM. If you update FBWM, only the 86674 script will be updated on your computer. All library files (we're up to like 6 of them now) will use last known verisons until you restart chrome. This will almost certainly crash FBWM.
    • You may find that you need to immediately refresh the browser after FBWM starts, e…
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  • Ennium


    March 12, 2012 by Ennium

    Firefox 10.0.2 Greasemonkey 0.9.18

    FBWM 2.1.8a Farmville sidekick 0.0.89

    running on

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  • Merricksdad

    I got a bunch of stuff to do today, and my brain is about dead. Given my coffee today was totally wasted keeping my 2 year old in line, I feel totally useless today. The last 3 nights sleep has been like no sleep at all. Not even going to get to properly feed myself tonight and may have to settle for a can of beans.

    Saturday I will not be getting on the wiki or groups to chat at all, but when I do get a moment while I have the house entirely to myself for hours (making chocolate syrup and fruit pies, woot!), I will be working on all those things I had to either undo or move from my 2.1.9 release due to this absolutely silly move by FB.

    If nobody realized what they did last night, all it was is they took all the non-script body contents from… Read more >
  • Batty47150

    Trying to cheer myself up. Sorry for the Total Drama Island episode, Charlie.

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  • Merricksdad

    "It dont work"

    February 17, 2012 by Merricksdad

    Just "dont work" certainly doesn't get me any further in what I need to know from anybody. Help me help you or you can try to figure it out yourself by reading what others have come up with.

    For me, ALL versions 2.1 released so far do work give or take some bugs in the dynamic console and priority console. My setup cannot be that much different from yours that you cannot figure it out by reading a little bit from the page above and from recent comments here and below.

    Basically I need much more input from anybody just saying "dont work". I've posted enough ideas on this wiki in the last few days to get you to respond to errors a lot better than that. Language, age, etc is not a barrier in today's tech world. Laziness is.

    Let me show everybody…

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  • Batty47150

    Hello Everyone. This is Prince Charming Dave from the FBWM group on Facebook. Unlucky for me, I blew up my computer. Lucky for someone else is I have hardware that I cannot use with the new motherboard. Free to a good home.

    4x Write Speed DVD+RW internal drive. IDE connection. (Moved up to Sata with the new system and it has no IDE connector on board and PCI cards gerenally stink). Not new but in new condition. Free. I'll even mail it to your P.O. Box. I just hate to throw away working drives!

    2x 2G Kingston DDR2 memory sticks. I would have to look up the speed for you, but I know they were current issue in 2007. They also work fine. New system is DDR3 so I can't use them.

    Other things that are less useful and probably not wanted by anyone.


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  • Merricksdad

    Adding Some Polls

    January 27, 2012 by Merricksdad

    You may have seen over the last few weeks I have been trying to inject some non-wikia polls into this wiki. I assume I am not supposed to do that, but what the hey, I'm doing it. But I'm also putting up disclaimers to protect you, me, and the wikia people as best I can.

    Anyway, I built a few google forms to use as polls, and they seem to work ok. Not the best, and have to be constantly modified to show user suggested options.

    So far, not many of you are using them, which is fine. The ones who speak up at least get their wants into the "vat of future wants". Those who don't...well I guess you chose to have no say at all. Maybe you are just passive, and maybe you just respect that I am free to change what I want when I want. BUT, I am also the…

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  • Katchy43


    January 26, 2012 by Katchy43

    I click on install it goes to script page and no install comes up on wall manager link or sidekicks ~ my hubby cleaned my computer and I lost all my user scripts and now no install comes up when I click the install link.

    I am confuddled

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  • Fugum

    Firefox Sync issues

    January 25, 2012 by Fugum

    Hello all!

    Just wanted to pass something on that was quite interesting. FBWM and Firefox Sync do not play well together. You should disable tabs and history in FF sync to keep everything working properly. Here is an email from Mike Connor of Mozilla explaining this.

    Actually, tab sync wasn't the problem, history sync was, but you're still almost certainly right! If the URLs are unique, and opened in tabs, there would be a history entry created for each URL. We actually had around 250000 history items present in your account, which is an incredibly high number. (The average number was around 1500 last time we did in-depth stats.)

    To see if this is true, there's an add-on written by a member of the Firefox team that can pull stats from th…

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  • Merricksdad

    Don't Mind the Glitches

    January 20, 2012 by Merricksdad

    I'm working on some visual changes both for the wiki and the WM host script. Unfortunately the way I am working on it, I need to include the code in the live wiki files so you will experience all my testing and even some of my mistakes while poking around in there.

    For the most part, nothing I do in there will prevent you from using the wiki as is.

    So just ignore the man behind the curtain for now.

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  • Merricksdad


    January 20, 2012 by Merricksdad

    The new Slotomania sidekick is now up on the Downloads page. Due to the fact that Slotomania reports their accept/fail message inside the flash object, I can't get at them and return accept or fail back to the WM host. It may also need some timing issues fixed so that more bonuses actually get collected. But for now, just use it and see what you get and dont get. I will try tweaking it some more over the next few days but no guarantees that it will ever get better than it is right now...and thats not much of a script.

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  • Merricksdad

    Preventative Measures

    January 18, 2012 by Merricksdad

    Over the next month or so, I will be taking preventative measures to ensure this wiki, the WM host script, and its related sidekicks do not actually infringe upon or its trademarks.

    I have not received any notice or anything from facebook. As stated above, its just a preventative measure. If this script family is to grow, and then be spotted on facebook's dev team radar, I'd like it to not register negatively. While facebook has generally not been malicious in their attempts to protect their brand and trademarks, I'd like to avoid any legal issues and just simply not step on their toes while I am working.

    After taking a day to read up on a lot of history regarding facebook trademark security initiatives, I have found a lot of sc…

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  • Merricksdad

    Hidden Chronicles

    January 18, 2012 by Merricksdad

    A new Hidden Chronicles sidekick is now available on the Downloads page. I had some serious issues today while writing this script and i have no idea what caused it. Twice while editing this sidekick from the greasemonkey console, ALL of my installed scripts were completely wiped from the script list, the directory where they are kept, and the cache directory where they are run from while FF is running. I cannot explain this and I didn't see anywhere on the net where this had happened to anybody else. I suspect its something to do with this version of the GM nightlies.

    I have no intentions of keeping this sidekick updated. I suggest you use your dynamic grabber to update it yourself, OR beg around for somebody to adopt this sidekick.

    To anyb…

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  • Merricksdad

    Sims Social

    January 13, 2012 by Merricksdad

    After tinkering with MW2 sidekick, I decided it was certainly easy to just do the Sims Social sidekick too. This current version does not differentiate between Social Skill Points and "Reward", but "reward" can refer to either social skill points or simoleons. Another lacking feature is its total inability to process non-english posts, except where the word "simoleon" is the same almost every language. This sidekick is ready for somebody to take it over now.

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  • Merricksdad

    Mafia Wars 2

    January 12, 2012 by Merricksdad

    I finally got a chance to poke at TriMoon's MW2 sidekick. There really wasn't much fixing to do to get it to work, but I took some further measures and made it very very very (very very very) easy to modify when you get new content. My version of the sidekick can be found on the Downloads page and will NOT overwrite TriMoon's sidekick. You will need to disable or uninstall other MW2 sidekick for this one to take over correctly.

    If you have other materials to add to the sidekick, please leave a link to the bonus below and a text name of the actual item given. I know there must be a bunch of stuff missing, but I really don't (and don't plan to) play that game so I have no idea.

    I will be doing the same for Sims Social soon. I will not quote a …

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  • Merricksdad

    Going Away

    January 4, 2012 by Merricksdad

    Just a heads up: I have been working on updating the wiki this week, but when I get a little bit more done and some older stuff organized, I plan on taking a long vacation. I will be at least 15 feet away from any computer for 30 days. I need to help my family be more of a family and that might mean leaving facebook and all it entails. I also need a huge period of de-stressing and anything I try to do on the computer only adds to my stress level because my family wont let me have time to do it. Right now I think my family needs to come fist.

    After 30 days I will probably check in on things and see what I can do, or what I want to do. At that point if I don't feel like coming back to any of it, I will open EVERYTHING up for anybody to play w…

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  • Merricksdad

    I just merged the FBWM Appearance Extension script into this wiki's common javascript file. By default, all wiki viewers will now be using a primitive form of that script without needing to use GreaseMonkey to see it.

    I realise that not all viewers like the colors, and some may find it hard to see, so I will be changing those colors to something more suitable soon. These will be the default for an upcoming extension script to modify what you already see here.

    Users of my actual extension script may disable it for now until the next release comes out. Using that script currently will do some double duty on the page's appearance and can actually mangle it. If nothing else, some extensions may appear duplicated, while others may just appear shi…

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  • Shadowlady63

    I loved the old version. I have followed all the directions for setting this one up and it does not work. I have read all the post about do this do that. I am running the older version in older firefox because this thing here is a nightmare.

    Charlie if you want to build a better mousetrap it should still be usable by everyone. I am not a computer guru. just a simple user. and I know a lot of you dont know why we dumb people cant get it to work but we cant. this wiki page is helpful and a good idea but still waiting for the better mousetrap.

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  • Merricksdad

    New Caretakers Needed

    December 8, 2011 by Merricksdad

    I'm still looking for a serious new caretaker for CityVille sidekick. The last update to that sidekick put a lot of what I do into automation. All you'd need to do is keep up the data list. Its fairly self explanatory if that's all you want to do. In any aspects of collection, I am almost always around to help you figure out how to get the sidekick working (or working again). Things do change, and I know if you are not the best javascript programmer, or if you don't have all the tools to figure certain HTML/DOM stuff out, I can be there to help. As can other sidekick developers on this wiki site.

    If you or someone you know would like to take over (indefinitely) the CV sidekick, please do let me know.

    In addition to the CV sidekick, I also fe…

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  • Albundy1021

    The scripts work fine under my user ID but does not work for my son. We use the same computer. any thoughts?

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  • FBWM User

    I followed the tutorial for making dynamic grabber code pieces and I'm having an issue here.

    I created a grabber command below and it doesn't seem to be getting triggered. The entry for the feast invite is still shown in FBWM with a white bg as if it has just been skipped.

    {"appID":"101539264719","link":"Claim Feast Invite","ret":"dynamic","note":"CUSTOM Grab"}

    Any help or suggestions are welcome.


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  • Merricksdad

    WM 2.0 Is Out

    November 30, 2011 by Merricksdad

    Well I ended up calling it WM 2.0 since it IS so different from previous versions. You can get it off the Downloads page as normal again. See the Known Issues page for a quickie on what to do to get it to work. Its right on the very top of the page. Can't miss it.

    I'm now working on updating the wiki a bit...ok a lot. There was a whole crap-ton of stuff on here for 1.5 and its hella big issues. I've been able to completely delete some of those pages. It feels good. I also just updated the Sidekick Tutorial to show you creators out there some more options to test with, including a new regex option. Hopefully that one doesn't cause me too much trouble. It certainly seemed really easy to create.

    Additional upgrades since my last blog post inclu…

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  • Merricksdad

    WM 1.5.x is down due to FB changes it sounds, and WM 1.6 is approaching release very soon. Due to delays caused by the American holiday season, sick dogs, naughty babies and other mayhem, WM 1.6 has not released as early as I had planned a week ago. Still it will be released one whole month before my originally planned date, so that is good.

    If anybody wants to try the WM 1.6 proto, feel free:

    WM 1.6 Proto

    But please realize a few things before you try it:

    • This is not the location of the final 1.6 script
    • This script will have to be deleted when the standard version is released
    • This will not use options from 1.5.x, including dynamics, history, sidekick or other saved options
    • You do not need new special sidekicks to make this work
    • Not all options in…
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  • Merricksdad

    Due to all the issues associated with moving from page to page on facebook using their links, which don't actually call page shifting code, I was thinking about a few things.

    The first thing I was thinking about was global exludes. I see more and more people are creating them for GreaseMonkey. I've already made a comment on the Known Issues page about which global excludes will affect this script family adversely. Because global excludes are gaining in recognition, that means more and more people are getting used to modifying their own scripts and how those script work. But on the other hand, I still think the majority of users of scripts like these are not even technical enough to get them properly installed without help.

    Something I was th…

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  • Merricksdad

    I will be releasing WM revision 39 today. But before I do, I want you all to know a few things. And hopefully people actually read these blogs, if not, I guess its not my fault.

    OK first thing, I added the ability to collect from your friend's profiles. This has been asked about for over a year. I said yes, I said no, I said maybe. But now, I said yes because I had specific use for it myself.

    Here's the problem: there are two or more profile layouts. One functions for users who chose an alias, the other main layout functions for those who did not. The page address for both main types is hugely different and so choosing to "Dont process on: profile" from the options menu will not always work.

    Problem 2: Most sidekicks currently out do not supp…

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  • Merricksdad

    I've started working on a FBWM 2, but its not just a script, its an APP!

    I've been thinking recently how much easier it would be to just poll FB using their graph API and get all the information the user would need rather than relying on the feeds to give it to you. Hell that would be nice. But I've really been lazy about it.

    Over the last few months, three or four people have suggested I make a sidekick function to process bonus collector pages that group all your posts into one page so you can work them from there. The script would just assume their page was the wall and do its thing. Problem is, I'd be relying on the code of another person, who then in turn relied on FB code. Thats too long a chain with too many possible bad outcomes.

    So I…

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  • Merricksdad

    WM's New Debug Window

    October 14, 2011 by Merricksdad

    Ok, there's been some crappy problem going around facebook this week so I decided to ramp up the work on the debug console.

    The debug window was available earlier but you could not close it after you opened it, and furthermore I was using it to track some minor bugs, which then reported to you via the console. It worried a lot of people but since they were captured and squashed, they didn't really need to be shown to you.

    Which brings me to the new console. In your options menu you will now see an option to enable debugging (which is currently broken and set to true even when unchecked) and an option just below that to set the sensitivity level. Here's how that works:

    1. Function Calls
    2. Known Errors and Warnings
    3. Known Serious Errors
    4. Serious Unexpect…
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  • Merricksdad

    Wikia Scewia

    October 13, 2011 by Merricksdad

    I'm having issues with wikia this week. Im not getting notices of your comments and posts either on my latest activity sidebar, or to my email address.

    Because of this, im having to hunt around and see whats going on. Its as bad as right now.

    Do keep posting and commenting. It might just take me a while to respond. Add to that the fact Im still busy finalizing my move and doing my fall cleanup.

    I am still working on updates for WM 1.5, but will be moving to WM 1.6 shortly. There should be a lot of good content in it for you that should make use of WM family script easier, including a debugging window. Yes I know that thing is incomplete right now and you can't even close it if you open it. So...don't open it :) And yes I know …

    Read more >
  • Merricksdad

    WM 1.6 in the oven

    September 27, 2011 by Merricksdad

    WM 1.6 has been in the oven for a while now, but I've been stuck on WM 1.5, just as I was with 1.4 just before the release of 1.5. Working with content that changes and is changed by people outside of your control is very time consuming and difficult. Making matters worse is my contant need to update every sidekick for this growing list of games, and at the same time manage the WM host body and wrap it around all these FB changes.

    Anyway, complaints aside, WM 1.6 is indeed near completion. Here is a sampler of things you will find in the coming WM 1.6:

    • WM options will store twice, once for active use and once for storage for when sidekicks do not check in.
    • When a sidekick does not report in, or is not activated, options for a game will still …
    Read more >
  • Merricksdad

    Wiki to Get Overhaul

    September 27, 2011 by Merricksdad

    Now that I have a little time each day. I will be working on an improved wiki format. The new format will be almost entirely visual, click this click that. No more dropdowns or selection boxes of any kind.

    • There will be scrolling advertisements for approved sidekicks
    • There will be scrolling "recent" lists
    • There may be a ticker showing blurbs from blogs
    • There may be a few more people added as admins
    • There will be a ton of new templates so I can avoid having to copy and paste lots of stuff. These templates will update every place they exist in the page all at once.
    • If you have bookmarked any pages on this wiki, you may need to make some adjustments, but for the most part, all MAIN documentation will stay where it is.
    • A new page will appear for the …
    Read more >
  • Merricksdad

    WM 1.5.29+

    September 25, 2011 by Merricksdad

    WM 1.5.29 will be releasing shortly, but before I post it, I want everybody to understand a few things. Hopefully this will cut down on comments and questions.

    Things to know just for users:

    • Your past options will not carry over because options are stored differently now
    • Your past history will not carry over because history is stored via the new options keys
    • Sidekicks can no longer become confused with eachother, and this will also prevent sidekicks not made by me from changing data stored by other sidekicks.
    • You should update ALL sidekicks as soon as you update to WM 1.5.29 to prevent having to input your new option settings twice. You can find a download list at the bottom of this document.
    • Revision 29 should work for the new FB layout and the…
    Read more >
  • Merricksdad

    Now that people are starting to try their hand at Sidekick creation using the Sidekick Tutorial, I feel a need to round them all up for inspection. Inspection isn't all bad, and I see this as more of stamping beef with a grade mark rather than pass/fail. So far, I have a bag of fairly good grades to hand out!

    Just by entering in the search bar "Wall Manager Sidekick" you can find a handful of scripts out there that intend to attach to the WM main body. New heads are growing on this beast as we speak. Hail Hydra! Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Anyway, here is a list of some stuff you may see out there:

    • Maple Story Adventures
    • The Sims Social
    • Adventure World
    • Football Life

    Needless to say, some of these are incomplete, however some a…

    Read more >

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