How to update a sidekick to dock at a secure browsing location:

For Developers:

  • In your source code, find the script header block at the top of your script
  • Locate the line that reads:
  • Change that line to read:
@include        http*://*
  • or if you have modified your include line to contain multiple addresses as a RegExp, then modify "http" to "http(s)?". You RegExp people know what I mean.
  • also, check that your script does not have script-based validators that require secure protocol, such as only docking if -> href.startsWith("https"). Remove those validators, or modify them to fit your needs
  • update your code on

May I suggest:

  • If you use href.startsWith("") to differentiate between dock() and read() locations, that you instead change that to"". It will prevent you having to do this again if something changes in the future regarding http/https protocol

For Users of sidekicks not yet updated by their parents:

  • In firefox, bring down the menu Tools > GreaseMonkey > Manage User Scipts
  • Locate the script that needs updating, like "Wall Manager Sidekick Something Something"
  • Click the options button associated with that script (this only works on enabled scripts)
  • On the "user settings" tab, add to the includes list
  • Please note, if you update your script from online again, this user setting may be erased if the script ID changes. However, if the script author updated their script, then it should be fine.
  • This will not fix all scripts. Some scripts have internal code that need to know what page is being processed. Those parts of the code need their http/https questions changed

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