Wall Manager is not currently a working Script

If you are a coder, or know one, that would be willing to take over this project, please let sbgm75 know. Merricksdad says the code is up for grabs.  He would love to see his project live on in someone's capable hands.  

WM Host Script#||

Sidekicks #||

If one of these sidekicks is not yet updated for HTTPS support with the new facebook changes, let me know and I will attempt to update it and post a patch. Most of the sidekick developers have moved on, so common updates on these scripts are no longer coming.

Currently Down or Retired

  • If you used WM3.0 beta, please upgrade to WM3.1 standard.
  • If you used WM2.x before release of WM3.1 standard, and you intend to keep using it until it is totally dead, you can download and use it separately. However, WM3.1 standard has now overwritten the standard slot where WM2 once was.
  • If you used the CafeWorld or Hidden Chronicles Sidekick by Charlie Ewing, please migrate to the one listed by OysterGirl
  • If you used the Pioneer Trail sidekick by Charlie Ewing, please migrate to the one listed by Sbgm75.
  • If you used the Farmville Sidekick by DDM, please migrate to the one listed by Sbgm75.
  • WeirDave's ChefVille sidekick is now up to date. You can re-enable that script and delete or disable the patch by Charlie Ewing.

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