Before you install this FV Sidekick, let me just say that I am not currently working on the FV sidekick anymore. Its just up so I can grab code once in a while. DDM, who was running the FVWM script while Joe Simmons is away is working on his own version of the FV sidekick. I suggest switching over to his at:

We're both working on it here and there to make it accurate and complete as possible, but at the rate FV is releasing stuff its a bit difficult. Hang in there with us while we prepare that sidekick for life outside of a test tube. My original strain can still be installed below but it does not collect stuff FV has released recently and has known issues with that recent content.

For anybody who wants to test the Sidekick for FarmVille before I pass its control along, here is the link

If you find anything wrong with that script, or anything that would be an improvement to either the Options Menu or the function, just add a comment below.

Please report all missing or mismarked bonuses.

Tips & NotesEdit

  • You should probably be using Display Mode: Dev to actually help me find bugs.
  • I suggest running it without auto-refresh turned on if you are specifically hunting for something you saw that was mismarked or missing.
  • You need to have at least version 1.5.9 of WM for this script to run at full capacity. Without 1.5.9 it will probably do some really wierd stuff on w2w posts.
  • Please enable "recognition debugging" in the Options Menu to better spot problems with recognition
  • If you already have the placeholder sidekick for FV installed, you should remove that or atleast disable it while using this new one, they will conflict in the options menu.

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