• Does your WM hang on the first timeout when processing posts?
  • Does your WM hang on timeouts when fetching user data or posts?
  • Does your debug console report a timeout and then an error about req.abort is not a function or is undefined?

Try FirstEdit

You may wish to try forcing your required graph library to update. A few methods will accomplish this. Read all first please, then make your choice:

Method 1:

  1. In the "Manage User Scripts" menu, remove FB Wall Manager (note depending on GM settings, you may lose your options)
  2. Close FF
  3. Restart FF
  4. Reinstall FB Wall Manager

Method 2:

  1. In the "Manage User Scripts" menu, right click FB Wall Manager and select "Show containing folder"
  2. Select the script numbered "130454" (be careful as a similarly numbered script should be right next to it)
  3. Delete that file
  4. Restart WM and it should fetch the newest version of that file for you
  5. If you get a message about that file not existing (in your JS console) simply restart FF


  • For some people, all they have to do is reinstall FB Wall Manager over top of the one they already have. This does not work for everybody, but I don't know why. It should work just fine.

FOR USERS OF WM2 combined with GM1.0+Edit

A minor change with big consequences was introduced in how the GM_xmlhttpRequest functions. Basically when they added the ability to pass a timeout variable, they also destroyed the method for WM to abort the request externally (at least how its coded in WM2). In preparation for WM3, I have also made some changes to my graph library which further make the issue something I cannot (will not) fix in WM2.

You have one option to remedy this, revert to a GM version earlier than 1.0 --AND-- get a little technical and physically overwrite the graph library that installs with WM2.

To overwrite that library, you need to:

  1. Open the firefox menu Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts...
  2. Find and right click "FB Wall Manager" (or greater)
  3. Select from the dropdown "Show Containing Folder"
  4. This will open a folder on your computer with a bunch of numbered scripts
  5. Select "130454.user.js", right click and select "Edit"
  6. If needed, select a text editor from the list, such as wordpad, notepad, or find and select your preferred text editor.
  7. Click the link:
  8. When a greasemonkey popup appears, click "Show Script Source", NOT INSTALL
  9. When a document loads showing the script source, right click the page and select "Select All"
  10. Copy the text via the keyboard shortcut "CTRL + C"
  11. In the text editor where you opened the script 130454, similarly select ALL the text
  12. With the keyboard shortcut "CTRL + V", paste the text you copied from the "show script source" window
  13. Save and close the text editor
  14. Restart WM

Some key notes:

  • You should disable script updating for WM either via GM, or WM's built in auto-updater (actually both). To disable GM updating on WM, simply right click the script in the "Manage User Scripts" list and uncheck "Automatically check for updates". To disable WM auto-update, simply tell the updater no when it offers you a new version. Disabling the updater will prevent potential releases of WM2 from overwriting your fixed graph library.
  • By disabling your script updater, you will not be informed when WM3 is standard. Keep watch here on the wiki for release news.
  • WM3 beta should not have this problem. WM3 beta 2 has upgraded timeout capabilities making full use of the new GM1.0+ GM_xmlhttpRequest api.

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