I'd like to take a moment to talk about the HTTPS protocol.

It has been brought to my attention that some users are running facebook and related facebook games in HTTPS mode. Why?

If you are afraid of hacking and your security, why are you using hacking and security breaching scripts?

Most users fell for a hoax months ago about facebook needing to be run in HTTPS mode to protect you from hackers and viruses. Its a hoax folks. You need to investigate anything you see come across facebook before you act on it. Sometimes acting on something before asking questions causes the harm the hoax wanted to protect you from. Its reverse psychology at work. On you.

And lastly, HTTPS mode prevents a lot of activity from occuring on facebook in its behind the scenes scripts. This activity is needed to keep your games running smoothly.

In regards to the WM script family, the WM main script is programmed to remove HTTPS from any post before it processes the post, so it circumvents HTTPS mode enforced on you by other users. However, if YOU run in HTTPS mode, it doesn't have the full ability to do that. This will cause the sidekick to be unable to communicate with the main script, and the script will hang.

My suggestion, research your reseasoning behind moving to HTTPS mode. Then, quickly disable HTTPS mode. It doesn't help you anyway and takes more bandwidth and time to use. HTTPS mode is only good for passing secure information such as passwords and the like to banks and other secure organizations. Nothing you do on facebook is or ever will be secure. Get used to it.

To disable secure browsing mode on FB:

  • From the account/privacy settings dropdown, select Account Settings (or click the link here).
  • From the account settings left panel, select "Security"
  • Under "Secure Browsing", click "edit"
  • Change your setting to unchecked/disabled and click "Save Changes"

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