JS console

The JavaScript ConsoleEdit

This console is part of your browser and can be accessed either through the menu:

  • Tools > Web Developer > Error Console

Or by pressing CTRL + Shift + J at the same time.

The console takes in errors, warnings and messages from the browser and displays useful information about each.

How do I use it?Edit

To make use of the console when I need information from it, you need to do the following:

  • Open the console
  • Click the Error button
  • Search for an error related to a specific script. It will contain the name of the script and you will know by looking at it which script it is for.
  • If you do not see an erorr for a script you use, click clear and continue
  • Refresh the WM page or a stuck sidekick
  • Go back to the JS console and watch for the error to appear if one exists.

Some other tips:Edit

  • Do not show me anything but errors. Warnings and messages are not useful at all.
  • Do not show me anything but errors related to a specific WM or WM sidekick script located in the gm_scripts directory. You can identify these because they specifically have that directory listed in the error message.
  • Do not post proxy.installTrigger warnings here. They are a known issue with firefox, have nothing to do with the WM script, and do not provide me any information at all. No matter how many times it appears.
  • Occasionally you may see an error about main being null, or graph being null, referenced from runscript.js. These are from the WM script, uncaught after the page is refreshed and data comes back late. I canonot use these and they do not apply to your current WM session. The line numbers to not properly reference a script, or give useful information.

Where to put the info?Edit

If you have an error to show, either type it out manually, right click the error and click copy, or do a screen shot for me and post it either on this wiki, or to a screen shot hosting site and post the link to this wiki.

  • Always put your bug reporting comments on the Known Issues page with a full list of what you need to report. Fill out the information requested in the "Report A Bug" section on that page.
  • If you post a screen shot to the wiki, simply fill out its information or description section. You do not even need to link it back to another page. I will see it post and inspect it right from the wiki activity page.
  • If you post a screen shot to a hosting site, before you post the link to that photo on the Known Issues page, make sure it works first.

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