If you think you have an issue I can see or fix by logging into your FB account, I am open to trying. But first there are a few things I need you to do:

Turn Off Device Based Login Approvals

  • On facebook, in the upper right corner, bring down the account dropdown and select "Account Settings"
  • Now click on the "Security" tab on the left side
  • Now select the "login approvals" line and click edit.
  • Uncheck the box and click save

Change Your FB Password

To use your account and leave you safe afterward, you should change your password to something rediculous that will NOT be your password when I am done with your account. No not 12345.

When you get your FB password changed, write that down so you don't forget and can't get back into your own account.

Then send your login and new temp password to my FB account message box HERE. Its the same address as the "Red Phone" if you are using my FBWM Appearance Extension script.

Let me know if its ok to change your FB settings to get WM to work. In some rare cases you might need HTTPS turned off or some other type of over-security setting modified slightly for WM to work properly. If you tell me no, I wont change those settings, I will just determine which ones need changed and will tell you why.

Also let me know which sidekicks you are using. I don't have access to your scripts and will be running my own. If you tell me which sidekicks you use, I can use them from my computer and test the results. I cannot change your script settings from my computer.

When I'm Done

When I'm done I will message you from my own account to let you know I'm out. I'll give you a quick rundown of what needed changed or what I found that I need to work on in the WM script.

There is no reason for you to leave your account while I visit. And if you are still on it, we can communicate via your own message box. It will just appear as if you are talking to yourself.

Sometimes if you are on your account when I try to log in, it may tell me your account is locked and I will have to answer your security questions. It might be best if you want to be in there at the same time, to log out, let me in, and then log back in yourself since then you wont have to give me important info about yourself.

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