Sidekick Manager

As part of the standard console, the Manage Sidekicks tabs keeps track of all your attached sidekicks.

Sidekick's "dock" to the WM host by running their individual script contents. Those scripts then append data to the host layout which causes WM to process posts for any game or games assisted by that sidekick.

Fbwm managesidekicks

Sidekick Options

Options for each sidekick are NOT stored on the options tab. Instead the Manage Sidekicks tab has a place for those options right on the sidekick toolbar. Individual options menu entry buttons are shown on the image above.

Sidekick Details

Each sidekick hosts one or more apps or games. Each game has an App ID provided to it by FB.

When a sidekick developer creates a sidekick, they are really just making a list of tests, very similar to those found in the Dynamic Grabber or Rules Manager. WM uses those lists to identify posts by the type of bonus or item they provide a user in-game.

In addition to tests, the sidekick developer provides a menu structure, which is what you see when you open the options menu. Each menu item represents one or more bonus types.

WM sometimes refers to a bonus type as its "which" property.

Sidekick Panel Features

In the panel provided for each sidekick, you can find a list of properties associated with that sidekick. Included in that list are two important groups:

Paused Types

WM can pause bonus types using the Rules Manager or when a user clicks on pause applying buttons in a post toolbar (found on the post entry in the collection panel). Paused types are held back from collection, even if they are flagged for collection. You can manually collect paused types by clicking specific posts in Short View mode, or by clicking the applicable processing button on each post toolbar. The Rules Manager can also make rules that bypass paused types.

User-Defined Types

The user can create bonus types, especially when a sidekick does not yet provide for a new bonus, or when a bonus is defined in a way not as beneficial to the user as it could be. Use the plus (+) button to create a new type. Tests are defined for that type in either the Dynamic Grabber or the Rules Manager. It is NOT required that you define new types when collecting posts with the Dynamic Grabber or Rules Manager.

Creating Your Own Sidekick

If you want to create your own sidekick, or modify a current sidekick to meet your own needs, you can read up on how to do that by visiting the Sidekick Tutorial, here on the wiki.

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