Before Posting Missing or Mismarked BonusesEdit

Before posting missing or mismarked bonuses, or commenting on the script, you should check to make sure a new version has not been released for this script already which might contain that bonus or fix. You can check for new versions of all the family's scripts on the Downloads page.

When you post a missing or mismarked bonus, be sure to include the following information:

  • Game name
  • Bonus item given or sent to your friend
  • The post's text (the text starting with the bold post title, and ending before the action links). Text beyond or contained in the openable "see more" is not actually useful.
  • The post's link text (the words you click on to get the bonus)
  • For Ravenwood Fair, CityVille and Empires, instead of link and body text, this script uses parts of the link href. Copy and paste the link location here instead.
  • You can also request that certain links be blocked so that "process unknown" options don't pick them up.
  • If you fear for your safety on facebook, or if you fear an attack against you by the creators of these games, replace your user name (or the user name of the person who posted) with the word username. If you pasted a link location, instead remove the part that begins with &frid= and contains your Facebook user id.


Body Text: User Name is sharin' the Drink of the Day!
User Name was hangin' around the Saloon and has some extra Varmint Juleps for thirsty friends! Come an' get it!

Link Text: Get free Drink

Link Href:<user_id_removed>&level_no=91&ref=nf

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