This script parses the news feed searching for bonuses to process. By parsing the feed, that means that it reads and looks for specific data.

Specific data searched for includes:

  • Your Facebook User ID - This is used to determine if a post was made by you, or targets you.
  • The App ID of each post - Determines if a post represents a supported game.
  • The Link Text of each supported post - Which is partially used to determine bonus types.
  • The Body Text of each supported post - Also used to determine bonus types.
  • The Href of each supported link - Sometimes used to determine bonus types, and can also be used for some games to convert non-English link text to English. The Href of each supported link is used to actually collect a bonus.
  • Sidekick scripts also parse the page or pagelets contained in the child (or sidekick) window. That window can contain error messages, and also contains information about if the user did or did not get a bonus from the currently targeted bonus link.
  • If enabled, the user can also collect information about the creator of each supported post. This information is limited to that person's Facebook User ID and the listed name of that person. These items are combined to create a list of player friends that the user can then share or store.

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