If you are here, it probably means you need to wipe some old library files that are required by WM 2.1+ or later. Yet you probably would like to do a reinstall without losing your stored options? Good news, its not that hard

Storage-Preserving ReinstallEdit

  • Open the GreaseMonkey script manager from the FireFox menu. Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts
  • Locate your installed version of FBWM
  • Right-click to bring up the context menu
  • Click "show containing folder"
  • A window will pop up containing all the scripts required for FBWM to function. Select all but the script with number "86674" and press delete (or if you are using the beta script, do not delete "124257"). Pass through any prompts you need to by accepting the deletion.
  • Open the Downloads page here on the wiki and reinstall FBWM
  • You should see the folder recreate the files you just deleted, minus ones no longer used, and plus ones you may not have gotten accurately on your last update.
  • You should now be ready to restart FBWM with all of its new material. Your options and saved history will not be affected.

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