Review of Wall Manager Sidekick (MouseHunt)

Details Edit

This Sidekick appeared out there on one day while I was searching around for anybody that might be taking advantage of the Sidekick Tutorial here on the wiki. I soon realized I'd just been talking to its creator the previous day or so and then began lending some help.

The problem with this Sidekick was that the game used two types of links for bonus collection. One link was just like other games' links, moving the user to a facebook oriented reward page. The other type of link actually removed the user from to their game site for bonus collection.

To get around this problem, I developed for Hazado, the ability for his sidekick to totally ignore the acceptance message process and just return that the post was attempted for collection. It was definitely an imperfect fix, but it seemed to work.

Hazado then determined that if he substituted the facebook located address section for the game site address section, the link would route through the normal FB paths and work just fine. I then worked on fixing my long-broken sidekick ability to change the url before it gets opened. Finally a good working solution emerged and Hazado now has a perfectly good bonus collector for an off-facebook game!

In addition, other potential sidekick creators can now build a lazy sidekick that just opens the window and doesn't do anything but report that it tried. This may sound bad, but for a ton of games, thats really all you need. Many players have already voiced that they don't even care to see returned messages about wether or not they got the bonus. Unfortunately, this kind of sidekick option will never work for games that require multiple clicks, such as Pioneer Trail and many Cafe World posts.

While I don't know anybody but Hazado that actually plays this game, this Sidekick is a welcome addition to the WM family of scripts.

Merricksdad 19:58, November 2, 2011 (UTC)

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