If you have the following error in your JavaScript console (CTRL + Shift + J) :

Error: unterminated string literal<br />Source File: file:///C:/Users/<profile name here>/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/fa8798fv.default/gm_scripts/FB_Wall_Manager-1/86674.user.js<br />Line: 1867

Then you have what I will just call "script stacking".

What is it?

It seems to be a new phenomena with the latest two GM "nightlies" and the current GM standard release. There is no error at that line in the correctly installed script, and its certainly not an unterminated string. While the exact cause is unknown, it is possibly related to the automatic script updater now available with GM.

What seems to be the trouble is you have potentially multiple installs of the same named script, same namespaced script, or something else related. The GM > manage user scripts panel will only show one, and I think that will be the most recent install of the same named or namespaced script.

You can see the fact that GM thinks multiple same name scripts exist because of the "-1" in "FB_Wall_Manager-1/86674". Its even possible if you have been trying different versions over and over again to have another higher number after the dash. On a test account I got up to 3 before I fixed it.

Try This

To correct the issue, I suggest going into the greasemonkey > manage user scripts menu and select the WM script (not the sidekicks) and remove the script. Then restart your browser. Go back in the manage user scripts menu and see if it went away, if not, repeat the process until it no longer appears in the menu. Once its really really gone, head back here to the wiki and install the latest WM version.

You may lose your saved history, options, priority rules and dynamic tests. This may be a requirement to the fix, but I am not yet convinced that is the case. I think you can prevent deletion of saved data related to each script by going into the greasemonkey > greasemonkey options menu. Unselect the top checkbox that says "also uninstall associated preferences". Ive never used that, but I am guessing that's what it is for.

Not Better Yet? Try This

You may need to be more forceful with your "cleaning" of scripts. For instance if you uninstall the script, restart and retry, and it still says the same error on the same line with the same dash followed by a number, then you still have stacked scripts left in the script folder.

Here's what you can do:

  • close your browser and make sure its finished closing
  • open an explorer window (folder view) for your operating system
  • go to the directory C:\Users\<your_name_here>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<your_ff_profile_id>\gm_scripts, replacing the drive letter if needed, and replacing <your_name_here> with the name of the profile on your computer that uses the WM script, and also replacing <your_ff_profile_id> with the profile id you have on firefox.
  • locate and delete any directories that end with a number that should not. For instance the wm script should say only "FB_Wall_Manager", nothing more.
  • once finished "cleaning", restart your browser, but do not do anything else with it.
  • close your browser again to force script lists to save as xml
  • open the browser one more time
  • reinstall any scripts you deleted
  • go back to the folder and check that none installed with a -number after them. They should not be able to now
  • you should be good to go now. If you did not save your options, or did not turn off the option (in gm options) to not delete preferences, you will need to set up your options all over again.

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