• Batty47150

    Trying to cheer myself up. Sorry for the Total Drama Island episode, Charlie.

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  • Batty47150

    Hello Everyone. This is Prince Charming Dave from the FBWM group on Facebook. Unlucky for me, I blew up my computer. Lucky for someone else is I have hardware that I cannot use with the new motherboard. Free to a good home.

    4x Write Speed DVD+RW internal drive. IDE connection. (Moved up to Sata with the new system and it has no IDE connector on board and PCI cards gerenally stink). Not new but in new condition. Free. I'll even mail it to your P.O. Box. I just hate to throw away working drives!

    2x 2G Kingston DDR2 memory sticks. I would have to look up the speed for you, but I know they were current issue in 2007. They also work fine. New system is DDR3 so I can't use them.

    Other things that are less useful and probably not wanted by anyone.


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