• Merricksdad

    It lives....Again!

    December 11, 2014 by Merricksdad

    Once again, the WM is resurrected. This time, lets run it on friends lists!

    Our friend Rich has suggested that he gets a lot of posts to show up on a friends list. So to do this, let's do what we can from your facebook news feed. (This is for before you install WM4. If you have already done so, disable grease monkey while you set up your list.)

    1. On the left side, you should see a column of links which may include APPS, PAGES, GROUPS, and FRIENDS.
    2. From the FRIENDS sub panel, click the "more" link. A shortcut to this page is here.
    3. Once on the Friends List panel, use the "+ Create List" link to create a list you will specifically use for game posts. If you already have one, ignore this part.
    4. Give it a name, and add at least one member. An easier way…
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  • Merricksdad

    WM dead?

    December 1, 2014 by Merricksdad

    Sorry I have been sick and not on the computer much the last few days, so I have missed all your worries.

    As some of you have already noticed, WM requires the use of the old Graph API version 1, which is for some reason no longer available on the Graph API Explorer for testing. Because WM is not an app, it cannot retreive its own app id and then request posts, so it relies on a facebook owned app to get it for us. Not that such a solution would work anyway, since the new method of retrieving posts for any app is to request those posts directly through that app, and it will retrieve only those posts for that app or which you share an app with another friend/subscriber/etc.

    Until further notice, WM2 and 3 are deader than doornails. Schrödinger'…

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  • Merricksdad

    WM 3.1.9 Details

    September 4, 2014 by Merricksdad

    As of FQL v2.1, Facebook is no longer allowing users to requests data which belongs to another specific user. We can still request posts by our friends, but we can no longer single them out unless we are joined by another app. Since WM is not an app, we cannot make a direct connection between you and your friend, other than the generic friend database in Facebook.

    So what does that mean? It means that if you add your friend user ids to WM in the friend manager, it isn't doing you any good (in fetching can still do rules manager stuff based on those entries). It also means you cannot pull from public profiles who are NOT your friend, and to whom you are NOT subscribed. What WM now has to do is fetch all posts by all your friends…

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  • Merricksdad

    I have been thinking hard about the WM and trying to keep it alive after next april. Not many people are using it, but for those that do, it is an indispensable tool. In its current form, it will be nothing but a dead lump next April. But, if we revert it to its original form, one that pulls off the facebook wall as facebook displays it, then maybe we can still use at least part of it. It won't have 50% or more of its current capabilities, but that might not be all bad.

    The problems will revert to those it had years ago:

    • any time facebook makes layout changes, WM will die and need to be repaired.
    • scam posts with weird app id's will need to be filtered to avoid virus/worm contact
    • posts may not fetch in order, and may skip hundreds of posts by y…
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  • Merricksdad

    WM went to the doctor today. There is good news and there is bad news:

    I've been studying the Graph 2.0 changes which have already partially taken place as of April 2014, and will be enforced in April 2015.

    The good news is that the current WM can still get updates and continue to function for a while. I've been able to create automatic friend/friendlist fetchers for WM so that you can fetch stuff by those values. With that same technique, I can use it to get posts from groups you are in if that is what you want to do.

    The bad news is that in April 2015, graph 2.0 will be enforced and the auth tokens we have been getting from the Graph API Explorer will only get us data shared by users who also use the explorer. This will basically put WM out…

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