You may have seen over the last few weeks I have been trying to inject some non-wikia polls into this wiki. I assume I am not supposed to do that, but what the hey, I'm doing it. But I'm also putting up disclaimers to protect you, me, and the wikia people as best I can.

Anyway, I built a few google forms to use as polls, and they seem to work ok. Not the best, and have to be constantly modified to show user suggested options.

So far, not many of you are using them, which is fine. The ones who speak up at least get their wants into the "vat of future wants". Those who don't...well I guess you chose to have no say at all. Maybe you are just passive, and maybe you just respect that I am free to change what I want when I want. BUT, I am also the one putting out the polls, so feel free to respond to them and use them when you can.

Below is my first shot at injecting a Polldaddy Poll, and it is something I'd really like to know:


And here is another one:


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