As of writing this, THREE people have started working on an adventure world sidekick. One has even asked for a little help with it, and I gave some. I expect one will be up and running very shortly, maybe even three.

That being said, let me mention this little issue I ran across when looking into post texts and stuff for these other folks. There is no simple way for AW to make a sidekick that reads all languages! Unlike CV and RwF, a collector for AW will have to rely strictly on post text and link text. That means that whoever does the sidekick will have to either do it in his/her preferred language (hopefully english) or write it for multiple languages. How many does AW support anyway? Too many for easy coding, that's for sure.

The problem is this, with CV and RwF, and even EA we almost always relied on a segment from the actual URL in the link you would normally click manually. This segment told us what the post linked up with when we viewed the resource files. For RwF it was simply linking this segment with the known material given. With AW, we'll be relying on a combination of link and post text, probably in english, to tell us what a post gives. AW uses the same segment of that URL for too many posts that give different things.

Here's an example link (sans protocol part to prevent linkage):

The segment we could usually use is in bold + italics. This link sends and receives energy.

Below is a link that gives the clicker coins. Unfortunately it has the exact same frType segment.

Rest assured, it's going to be tough, but SOMEBODY is going to do it, and I suspect soon. I will let them tell you when they are ready.

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