When I get back to writing scripts after my move, I plan to release a little project that will duplicate some functions oftered in FVWM that I wasn't able to incorporate easily into FrV/TI Wall Manager 1.4.

The customizer sidekick will install and function just like other sidekicks, except that it will not collect for any one game. What it will do is allow you to enter your own custom searches and definitions for undefined or unknown posts. In a similar fashion to FVWM's dynamic grabber ability, this script will append a dynamic grabber box to each sidekick's section in the menu.

How it will work is like this:

  • Any data you enter in the grabber will always override what gets added to sidekick script updates
  • Overriding information in the actual sidekick scripts will allow you to recategorize tests if you want, but it wont let you change the menu layout.
  • Dynamic entries will be checked before all tests in the sidekick for that game.
  • If a sidekick is not installed, the dynamic grabber for that game will not exist or function
  • If you dont want any dynamic grabbing for a specific game, it can be disabled with a checkbox
  • If you dont want any dynamic grabbing at all, either disable or do not install the customizer sidekick.

More to come when I get moved, stay tuned ...

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