Today I tinkered around with another script, but not one built to collect bonuses. Actually I have quite upset about the quantity of things wikia will and will-not let you change about the display of their layouts. I had been playing with their CSS and JS files for a while now with the TI wiki but I decided I might as well just make a GM script to do it for me.

Not only can I add CSS formats to the page that the wikia site will not allow, I can also change a lot of aspects of their layout, including the placement of headers and table of contents and all that stuff.

So what I have done is basically try to get the options menu for the WM script and the visual layout of this wiki site to appear the very same. I'm almost there, but this script is a work in progress, so if you download it, expect it to not function perfectly for another week.

Install FBWM Appearance Extension

Going forward, what I have here is the ability to allow users to make changes to this site, such as opening or closing common documents, common tabs, common other stuff they use and saving those setting so when they return they don't have to do it again. Users might even find that they can add/remove bookmarks to the entry page that only they can see. You could also choose to omit any comments by a certain user. It could even be used to flag comments or pages for users having certain issues I am working on.

The potential is nearly limitless. Hell, I could even let you collect your bonuses from a page right here on the wiki and use it as some kind of command center. You might even report issues to this wiki right from the news feed on facebook! Now I'm thinking!

Anyway, its just a small project :) Enjoy it. I know I do.

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