I just merged the FBWM Appearance Extension script into this wiki's common javascript file. By default, all wiki viewers will now be using a primitive form of that script without needing to use GreaseMonkey to see it.

I realise that not all viewers like the colors, and some may find it hard to see, so I will be changing those colors to something more suitable soon. These will be the default for an upcoming extension script to modify what you already see here.

Users of my actual extension script may disable it for now until the next release comes out. Using that script currently will do some double duty on the page's appearance and can actually mangle it. If nothing else, some extensions may appear duplicated, while others may just appear shifted in some direction a few pixels.

The only major difference between this wiki's javascript and the script's function is that without the script, opened or closed section headers will not save for use with your next session. Some users may find this terribly bothersome. I know I do.

The next release of FBWM Appearance Extension will include functions to modify colors and fonts to make the page more readable, and will restore section header open/closed storage.

After Christmas, I will also be installing the proposed advertisement scheme for approved or good reviewed sidekick scripts. If you have any other improvement ideas for this wiki, including useful information, please feel free to add them.

Please keep all script complaints, requests for help, or unrelated comments OFF this blog and ON the Known Issues page. Thank you.

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