Due to the overwhelming success of new sidekick abilities built to make the FV Sidekick work "Better...Stronger...Faster", FV sidekick will be moving to my Supported list and will also be displayed on the Sidekick page. BUT, before I do this, I wanted to point out a few things:

  • While this sidekick is fully supported, I do intend to pass it off, either to DDM or somebody else who can care for it as much as I currently care for my other sidekicks.
  • This sidekick will retain its current title, including the testing only text, on as long as I am the one working on it.
  • As soon as somebody else takes this sidekick over for me, the source and name will need to change. Users will need to uninstall this sidekick and install the newer one.
  • Depending on how things work out, there may end up being more than one sidekick for various games, including FarmVille. In fact I wouldn't be surprised at all, given the fact it was my intent to have somebody else make the FV sidekick using my Sidekick Tutorial.

Now, that being said, I do not really have a deadline I am working toward regarding FV sidekick. I do however want to push forward quickly and get rid of it. That brings me to the important question: Is it working for you? The WM-using community has been silent since I started working on this sidekick so I have no idea if its even working for you as well as it works for me. Its very hard for me to tell how many people are actually using it, especially when I update so often. I suspect only about 30-40 people at max are using it right now. I also suspect that number is lower than the number of WHO-WOULD use it becuase it specifically is named with "testing only".

Please comment below with as much of ANY input you care to give about this sidekick. Give details on what you like and don't like. Compare directly to FVWM whenever possible. Also include any ideas you may have for adding functionality to this sidekick. Report all broken collection options and anything that gets flagged as the wrong item.

If by 8/11 I don't get any input, I will just have to assume all is perfectly well and move it over to the realm of the finished.

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