Yes a Sidekick for FarmVille is in the making! Its no surprise really. I wanted months ago to be able to develop sidekicks for every facebook game out there. Well not me personally, but I wanted somebody to do it. Anyway, that's why I built the Sidekick docking station for WM 1.5, so somebody else could write any sidekick they wanted.

Its kind of a cruel move for a script spawned from the original FVWM to then try to take it over. But actually, its not really taking anything over. Its just offering up an alternative. While I haven't actually looked into its code recently, or its option menu, I assure you FVWM still offers FV specific options you will never see in WM 1.5. Adding a sidekick for FV only allows the WM 1.5 user crowd the ability to do FV at the same time they do FrV or CV or whatever.

But in the meantime, I hear some complaining about not being able to hide posts for FarmVille. If I too were playing FarmVille, I would want that ability. However, I am weeding any game specific code out of the main WM script and moving all that stuff to sidekicks, where it will stay. That meant removing the ability to hide FarmVille posts since there was no sidekick for it yet to offer such an option.

Anyway, I hear the moans and I agree, you need your ability to block your FarmVille stuff. So here's what I did:

Until a FV sidekick is formally released, I built a FV sidekick placeholder. Its just a mostly blank sidekick script, but it has enough to actually dock to the WM script. Just the act of docking a script for FV is enough to offer two options for the game, one being a master switch, and the other being the ability to block said game.

So here it is. I introduce to you the Wall Manager Sidekick Placeholder (FV)

Now, keep in mind that once the actual sidekick is formally released, you will NEED to uninstall that placeholder script or it will plug up the docking spot for the real FV sidekick.


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