Today WM is updating its connection address to secure browsing, due to the fact that FB has ordered the change back in July. They are still getting around to making it worldwide, and some of you may be noticing your WM wont start AND that you cannot remove the https from the address.
These changes now require that WM2 and 3 be updated to include that address, as well as ALL sidekicks being updated to allow them to dock to the moved host.
If you are having issues with your current versions, get your WM host updates right now, and then look for your sidekicks to update shortly after.
Sorry for any downtime you may experience this week due to some sidekicks not having parents around to care for them. If I need to, I will post mods on my own userscripts account to allow for you all to have working sidekicks. I will also be posting on the wiki a how-to, both for sidekick devs, and for users that just want to make that small adjustment on their own while they wait.

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