Just a heads up: I have been working on updating the wiki this week, but when I get a little bit more done and some older stuff organized, I plan on taking a long vacation. I will be at least 15 feet away from any computer for 30 days. I need to help my family be more of a family and that might mean leaving facebook and all it entails. I also need a huge period of de-stressing and anything I try to do on the computer only adds to my stress level because my family wont let me have time to do it. Right now I think my family needs to come fist.

After 30 days I will probably check in on things and see what I can do, or what I want to do. At that point if I don't feel like coming back to any of it, I will open EVERYTHING up for anybody to play with, including scripts, other code I have not finished and even the protected documents on this wiki. I don't have any plans other than leaving for 30 days at this point, so I won't actually say too much more than what is written already. If you need me for anything, get with me soon, like in the next few days. This weekend could be the day.

If you come to the wiki and you see some ass posting "it dont work" type comments, or even on the userscripts site for the WM script, please try to help them. They can't help it if they are not very bright and can't think for themselves. They want to have the same stress-free gaming experience as you do, but obviously don't have the capacity to get there without help. Maybe they just don't read English as a first language. Maybe they have some form of autism and have no hopes of ever doing anything without help, mainly reading. Or maybe they are just an asshole. Consider them handicapped and lend a hand. Thanks.

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