I was contacted by a user on the forums (which I cannot stand anymore) and was asked to please use .tld instead of .com in the includes. Here is what I know about what .tld does:

TLD is a magic word used in GreaseMonkey include lines that causes the script to search not only for .com but for all known top level domains. So for instance you are using a foreign server that alters your viewing experience, appending to the end of the domain the country code in one or two parts.

I've been asked to use .tld so that users in foreign countries can use my scripts, but .tld only works in the include lines. This causes a problem for me: I would have to recode all the locations in the script where I determine which of my included pages the user is actually on. These scripts fire at different locations at different times for different reasons. For instance the sidekick scripts run on any page where a certain DOM element exists to which they can dock. This allows for displaying the options menu and actually defines to the WM script all the information needed to identify posts by app_id and content.

To investigate further, I switched languages on and changing language has no effect on domain wording. Therefore it is only people living in countries where the country itself or some organization allowed to change your domain after viewing and monitoring your browser content modifies these domains.

Furthermore, using .TLD can possibly open the script up to malicious attackers seeking to lure people to manufactured duplicates of facebook in appearance. For instance a user could be drawn to a www.facebook.fake page and various scripts could then fire on that page compromising the WM script. And while there is nothing that the WM script does that puts out information that was not already available, other scripts on the destination page could possibly harness the power of Greasemonkey's intentional open doors from its sandbox to actual objects in your browser.

In conclusion, there is absolutely no reason I should be using .TLD instead of .COM. This script is meant for people who have full viewing rights to any internet content and those users will most certainly be connecting to The script's includes will stay as .com's for now until further explanation comes forward.

If you have more information on the use of .TLD and any good reason why you think it needs to be part of the script, please comment below.

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