A new Hidden Chronicles sidekick is now available on the Downloads page. I had some serious issues today while writing this script and i have no idea what caused it. Twice while editing this sidekick from the greasemonkey console, ALL of my installed scripts were completely wiped from the script list, the directory where they are kept, and the cache directory where they are run from while FF is running. I cannot explain this and I didn't see anywhere on the net where this had happened to anybody else. I suspect its something to do with this version of the GM nightlies.

I have no intentions of keeping this sidekick updated. I suggest you use your dynamic grabber to update it yourself, OR beg around for somebody to adopt this sidekick.

To anybody who wants to adopt the HC sidekick, please do inform me that you are going to do that so that I can make changes to the wiki site to reflect the new download location. Feel free to ask for help with this script. I don't like to abandon anybody, especially right off the bat.

On an unrelated note, you can also get your MW2 and Sims sidekicks updated on the Downloads page because I failed to install auto-update script on both of those. I cannot guarantee that the newish GM auto updater is even working yet, so dont miss out on any updates. Manually update NOW.

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