I finally got a chance to poke at TriMoon's MW2 sidekick. There really wasn't much fixing to do to get it to work, but I took some further measures and made it very very very (very very very) easy to modify when you get new content. My version of the sidekick can be found on the Downloads page and will NOT overwrite TriMoon's sidekick. You will need to disable or uninstall other MW2 sidekick for this one to take over correctly.

If you have other materials to add to the sidekick, please leave a link to the bonus below and a text name of the actual item given. I know there must be a bunch of stuff missing, but I really don't (and don't plan to) play that game so I have no idea.

I will be doing the same for Sims Social soon. I will not quote a timeframe on that one.

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