I was asked last night if I was possibly going to build a message center assistant (MCA) for FV. The answer is probably yes. But read on:

I've been working on an MCA for FrV first, and have run into some issues. Actually its a pretty serious issue and one that confuses me a bit. Since the creation of the MCA for EA was so easy, I really figured all zynga games would follow quickly. However for some reason I cannot use a script generated button click to actually click the buttons on the FV MC. I looked into the code behind the MC written by Zynga and cannot find any quick reason why its not working. I actually am growing kind of paranoid about this subject and I think that Zynga has specifically written code to detect a non-human click and prevent flow of their onpage scripts.

Now, if that's the case and it seems to work, and they see it works, I suspect they may try this for the rest fo their games. Personally I don't see any reason not to automate this process, and they should have done it themselves. The only reason I was doing it was because they obviously lack the forethought to do it, and/or do not actually take and use suggestions about their MC's. I'm not the only one who wants to group and click stuff, and do it faster too.

Anyway, instead of working ahead on the line of "products", I've actually let myself get stuck on this FrV issue. Maybe I should move on and forget FrV. Who knows.

In short, the answer to the question about making one for FV is, I will try. Now, keep in mind that if I do make one, and I don't play FV, then somebody else needs to keep that script going, not me. I can't keep checking in on FV when I actually don't give a crap about it. Likewise, if I made one for CV, or even TI, I would rather somebody else "own" the code. Do I have any takers?

So, in the meantime, and I have already mentioned this elsewhere: Don't download or use my FrV MCA script on It doesn't work, it can't work, and you are likely being watched if you do try to use it. Again, you are warned. I will let you know if for some alien reason it starts working one day. I will also let you know right here on this wonderful wiki if any other MCA scripts come to light.

In the meantime, keep dreaming of MCA's for all your favorite games.

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