The new MCA scripts for CV, FV and TI are now live.

If you have been poking around and installing unfinished scripts this morning, please go back and install version 0.0.1 over again manually. There have been changes without a version change and your auto-update may not catch them.

These scripts will work very much like the existing Empires Message Center Assistant (located at OtherScripts). These scripts are more simple than the one for EA and are actually the same script with very little changes between them. However, instead of making a master MCA script, I opted to make multiple scripts that do the same thing in case the Zynga teams working on those specific games make their respective MC work differently. It will save me time in the long run.

Also modified is the EA MCA. See Revisions for details. Basically it no longer uses a timer between sending back gifts. Instead it detects page changes made by the EA code after a gift is sent. In addition to that change, the EA MCA now also knows if the MC has been closed and/or opened. This will prevent halting and other problems caused by the fact that the EA MC is not on a separate frame like other MC's.

And finally, to answer a question I know will come up soon: No there is not a MCA for Frontier or Cafe right now. Both of those games seem to have issues with my manipulating their buttons with scripts. I tried to make one for FrV for a whole week and I am giving up. Its not worth the trouble at this time. I tried cafe for only a few minutes today and determined it has the exact same issue as did the FrV MCA and deleted the project. At this time I have no intentions of going back to those projects.

At this time, all my current MCA script can be downloaded either from or from the OtherScripts page here on the wiki. Please pardon the lack of naming conformity with these new scripts. It was done intentionally.


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