I've been working hard today on some new sidekick abilities. Here's a list of changes for WM 1.5.10 to be released tonight or tomorrow.

  • Clicking on blue headers closes that header just like clicking gray headers
  • Blue headers come with a select-all/none button group just like option blocks do. Sidekick creators can choose to hide this button group but it is displayed by default.
  • Options can now be nested infinitely deep. Previously options could only be at the main level, or a single level deep. With this revamp, header groups can be used to nest expandable option groups.

Unfortunately, I was unable to work these new layout abilities around the original script functions. This means that if you are currently working on a sidekick, you may need to change your menu layout block. It shouldn't be too much of an issue, and I will have a full update posted in the Sidekick Tutorial page, as well as a new sidekick tutorial file for download.

These changes allow me to work forward and leave the basic options menu format behind. Being confined to two levels of display was pretty bad, and I felt needed changed. From this point forward, I will be able to add various option display methods for future sidekick developers.

In addition to this main script change, all sidekicks will need a quick update to conform to the new layout. Supported sidekicks will also use these new abilities in their next updates.

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