I will be moving starting 8/27 and I wont have much time to work on any scripts for almost a month. Its possible that I can sneak work in, but really it cannot be expected.

I'd like to take this opportunity to again ask for help with the CityVille Sidekick. If you or someone you know plays CV on a regular basis and has programming skills enough to modify and keep up the CV sidekick, I would seriously just give it to them.

Also, I think I've reached my interest limit with the Cafe World and Treasure Isle sidekicks. While they don't need updating hardly ever, and their scripts are also simple and small, I would need a person who understands how the WM base code works to keep them up, especially since CW is a special circumstance script.

Comment below or if you are a user of my FBWM appearance modifying script, use the red phone.

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