I'm not yet sure if this wikia blog thing is doing what I tell it to, but I will keep trying.

Anyway, Im permanently moving off the forums because some jerk keeps posting hoax/spam/malware links all over the forums. It looks like they are using some kind of script to create a random user name, then it grabs the top X ranked scripts on and makes a post in the top 5 forums on that script's page. It also makes an additional post, creating a new forum topic which I cannot delete.

Userscripts has been trying to work around this person by making a cleaner that systematically removes that person and all their duplicate posts anywhere on the site. However its not immediate, and it could take like 24 hours to do cleaning. In that time, there's spam all over the floor! Intolerable to say the least.

I checked up on this guy and he's been at it for years now, posting crap to emails worldwide. So far it looks like he's tracked to china, and yes his business of selling shoes is a scam. It doesn't exist, and no he certainly doesnt "have" a nike factory. Anyway, dont ever click his links. He doesn't need traffic to his sites, and who knows what he's doing once you go there.

I really hate when my dog wipes its ass across the floor, sometimes leaving a nice air strip. This guy is no better, wiping his filth all over the net. Any chance you get to help people track and counter him, please do so.

So yes, the forums at userscripts are no longer a concern for me, and I wont be back there to check in on people who are lost. Please please please, come to the wiki site for all info. If you see anybody over at the userscripts site, kindly direct them to this wiki. I'm doing all I can already to get people to not go there. I've change the script's home page so you can click to here from there. Ive changed the links under "WM options" in the options menu to point to here. Here is where it is, and I plan to stay here.

This wiki has a ton more resources than userscripts ever did. I can make this thing look just about however I want.

One word of warning, if ever I am gone from this wiki for a day or so, you may be vulnerable to some jerk changing the addresses of install links to something malicious. I really can't prevent that since wiki pages are public, but I do keep constant check on any changes of any kind to this wiki. If anybody does change stuff like that, you will be fully warned ASAP.

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