Temp to Full Time Work Available

I'm still looking for a serious new caretaker for CityVille sidekick. The last update to that sidekick put a lot of what I do into automation. All you'd need to do is keep up the data list. Its fairly self explanatory if that's all you want to do. In any aspects of collection, I am almost always around to help you figure out how to get the sidekick working (or working again). Things do change, and I know if you are not the best javascript programmer, or if you don't have all the tools to figure certain HTML/DOM stuff out, I can be there to help. As can other sidekick developers on this wiki site.

If you or someone you know would like to take over (indefinitely) the CV sidekick, please do let me know.

In addition to the CV sidekick, I also feel ready to dump the Empires and Allies sidekick on some willing person. I can make it mostly automated just like the CV sidekick, especially because those two games work so similarly.

I might as well take this opportunity to ask: does TreasureIsle even exist anymore? I have NO posts to test anything on, so I have no idea if anything new has come out. If you use the TI sidekick and would like it to continue getting updates, point me toward somebody who plays and can keep it up. I can make that one automated too, but it will be slightly different from the CV and EA sidekicks.

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