Empires players rejoice, well not too much though. All I did was write a simple script to click the accept buttons on everything inside the Empires message center. Nothing big, nothing as neat as the Ravenwood Fair Message Center Assistant.

It does however mark the beginning of a wider variety of scripts for you. Soon to come will probably be a MCA for FrV, CW, TI and CV. The one for EA was so dang simple that I now question why I didn't bother doing this two months ago when I had planned. Oh yeah! Because of WM 1.5's early release.

Now I used to use "Facebook Mass Accept Requests" or FBMAR by Joe Simmons, but it didn't return gifts for many of the games I played, so I basically stopped using it after Zynga came up with the MC pages. Actually, I don't thank Zynga much, but that was a real improvement...once it worked correctly (or mostly so).

Anyway, this line of scripts coming out makes use of the MC's built in ability to process multiple requests at once, and with just the click of a single button. Again, thanks for that ability. Now these puny little scripts just have to click all the buttons in a slow but timely manner and you dont have to bother with all that stuff.

So Empires MCA will run down the list in the MC and click each and every acceptance button of any kind. It will even click the send back buttons for you, and assuming you have the Facebook Auto Publish script installed and enabled, will also fully automate gift send backs.


Install Empires Message Center Assistant

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