I've started working on a FBWM 2, but its not just a script, its an APP!

I've been thinking recently how much easier it would be to just poll FB using their graph API and get all the information the user would need rather than relying on the feeds to give it to you. Hell that would be nice. But I've really been lazy about it.

Over the last few months, three or four people have suggested I make a sidekick function to process bonus collector pages that group all your posts into one page so you can work them from there. The script would just assume their page was the wall and do its thing. Problem is, I'd be relying on the code of another person, who then in turn relied on FB code. Thats too long a chain with too many possible bad outcomes.

So I had thought to just make my own super simple data output app to send WM its needed info. I just didn't have time. Until my friend Kat started asking questions along the same lines. I was told it was super simple to get an app ID. So I did. Then I learned all about auth tokens and all that. What a pain in the ass.

Anyway, I finally got an app up to work on. Now all I need to do is wrap the WM code around it and we've got a FBWM 2 script that runs on the app's location instead of your feed.

Here's rundown of what it will be able to do:

  • Everything WM 1.5 can do right now
  • Everything WM 1.6 was going to do
  • Not have to rely on the ever changing FB feed layouts
  • Not have to determine what language layout users are on
  • Fetch posts a ton faster without actually loading images or videos in the feed
  • Not have to wait for all that behind the scenes FB script to run all the time
  • Fetch posts both forward and backward and never have to refresh the page

This will certainly take some work and I don't know how much time I will actually have to put into FBWM 2. My question is this: Do you want this kind of app approach, or would you rather I just finished WM 1.6 as I had intended sometime this winter?

In either case, there will be no needed changes to sidekicks. Only the main WM script will change. All current sidekicks will remain valid.

I could also use a little help. I'm very new to FB apps, as you can see. I would like to know how to get my app to actually run at the location without redirecting to the hosted page. How in the world do I do that? If I can't do that, then there will be cross-domain issues and FBWM2 will never work. Can anybody fill me in?

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