Getting quick and easy details to some games is becoming very very hard for me. I put a lot of effort into my Frontier Explorer script so I could stay up to date AND ACCURATE on all your frontierville/pioneer trail needs. However, PT recently moved from one server to another and put a new handler on all their gamesettings files. I rewrote the explorer to get around that, but once again, there is a new handler. Yay me!

What to do? I have a very very sluggish and mostly nonfunctional "borrowed" internet connection. Working on the PT sidekick has become such a pain in the ass that I am about to give it up. Its been more than 30 days between the last two updates, and the next one may be longer. I appologize for that.

If you guys want me to keep adding to the PT sidekick script so you don't have to make dynamics from here until infinity, I really really need your help.

Any of you who know how sidekicks work also know what kind of data I really need. The game wikis are a great start, but a lot of the data I need is missing. Texts there are fairly good, but the details of which texts actually line up to send/get types and exactly which item are often wrong or omitted.

Help me really help you. Start passing all that data for those bonuses that are left undefined in your collector. Post them right here to this blog post and I will immediately add what I can. Start sharing your dynamics right here too. Seeing your dynamic details also gives me the best insight on how to trap those items you are trapping. Even if your dynamic is not exactly what i use, it at least shows me a post I might not have seen yet.

For you more technical oriented users, please turn on your "Debug Graph Packets" option for me and then when you get a feed packet back, copy out the portion you know I need. It should come with a nice tree stucture, so you should be able to copy and paste exactly the portion needed, in full.

I thank you in advance, and I am sure that other users thank you too.

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