I got a bunch of stuff to do today, and my brain is about dead. Given my coffee today was totally wasted keeping my 2 year old in line, I feel totally useless today. The last 3 nights sleep has been like no sleep at all. Not even going to get to properly feed myself tonight and may have to settle for a can of beans.

Saturday I will not be getting on the wiki or groups to chat at all, but when I do get a moment while I have the house entirely to myself for hours (making chocolate syrup and fruit pies, woot!), I will be working on all those things I had to either undo or move from my 2.1.9 release due to this absolutely silly move by FB.

If nobody realized what they did last night, all it was is they took all the non-script body contents from the document body and put them in a
element inside the body level called "body". Thats all. Explain that? Sorry, can't. I was even about to release a shot-in-the-dark release and see if it would work with some minor tweaking, but it would not have. Glad I didn't bother.

Again, thanks to everybody that had screens and html data they sent my way. I would not have fixed it without your data. I still do not have the same layout as you did last night.

Catch you all next week. If facebook jams up anything else this weekend, I will not be fixing it til Monday. If I have a brain cell tonight, I may or may not update the RwF sidekick one more time.

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