Ok, there's been some crappy problem going around facebook this week so I decided to ramp up the work on the debug console.

The debug window was available earlier but you could not close it after you opened it, and furthermore I was using it to track some minor bugs, which then reported to you via the console. It worried a lot of people but since they were captured and squashed, they didn't really need to be shown to you.

Which brings me to the new console. In your options menu you will now see an option to enable debugging (which is currently broken and set to true even when unchecked) and an option just below that to set the sensitivity level. Here's how that works:

  1. Function Calls
  2. Known Errors and Warnings
  3. Known Serious Errors
  4. Serious Unexpected Errors
  5. Known Fatal Errors
  6. Unexpected Fatal Errors

Select one of the following and anything rated at EQUAL OR HIGHER than that setting will be displayed. So for instance if you select "Function Calls" you will see EVERYTHING. If you plant to report bugs to me, please DO NOT use that setting. Default setting is "Known Serious Errors" which will prevent you from getting constant warnings during page loads and all that. If you really want to see them, go ahead and set it to "Known Errors and Warnings" but I don't want any feedback from you when you have it set to that setting, please!

There are only a few spots in the code that can even throw a #4 and many known places that can throw a #3, which is why they are tagged as "Known Serious Errors".

If you are having issues with FB not allowing WM to process posts on some of your accounts, please make use of this debugging console at this time and simply copy and paste the contents (at level #3 or above please) into either this blog post's comment section or paste them on the Known Issues page.

If you have the FBWM Appearance Extension script installed, feel free to deliver them via the "red phone".

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