WM 1.5.29 will be releasing shortly, but before I post it, I want everybody to understand a few things. Hopefully this will cut down on comments and questions.

Things to know just for users:

  • Your past options will not carry over because options are stored differently now
  • Your past history will not carry over because history is stored via the new options keys
  • Sidekicks can no longer become confused with eachother, and this will also prevent sidekicks not made by me from changing data stored by other sidekicks.
  • You should update ALL sidekicks as soon as you update to WM 1.5.29 to prevent having to input your new option settings twice. You can find a download list at the bottom of this document.
  • Revision 29 should work for the new FB layout and the old one. If you have problems and you are on the old layout, please leave a message below or on the Known Issues page.
  • The script will now install as FBWM or FB Wall Manager. Depending on the script running addon you use, you may need to uninstall your previous version of "Wall Manager for Frontierville and Treasure isle" in your script manager.

Things to know just for sidekick creators:

  • You no longer need to specify an alias in front of return values or any accText definitions.
  • The alias parameter is now comletely useless and you do not need to include it in the sidekick
  • You do not need to prefix the magic words "sendall" or "doUnknown" with your alias
  • When using button elements such as "button_highlight" or "button_selectmulti", do not include an alias prefix or appID prefix in front of your array of elements to be highlighted/selected. WM script will do that for you. You are no longer allowed to highlight or select elements from another sidekick.

A few other notes:

  • If you downgraded to revision 24 so you could keep using the old facebook layout, give revision 29 a try. If it doesn't work for you, please report problems and go back to 24 until I get you patched up.
  • You cannot export your options from an old revision and expect them to work with revision 29 or higher. Older revision options contain an alias in front of their declaration instead of an appID and will not work correctly, especially with "Send All" or "Do/Process Unknown Posts".
  • I WILL NOT be updating my version of the FV sidekick. DDM and I will be working this week on his FV sidekick and we will incorporate all these changes into that script. I will be taking MY FV sidekick down this week.
  • I WILL update my version of the AW sidekick, but I may still be taking it down this week as its new caretakers take full control.

WM Host Script#||

Sidekicks #||

If one of these sidekicks is not yet updated for HTTPS support with the new facebook changes, let me know and I will attempt to update it and post a patch. Most of the sidekick developers have moved on, so common updates on these scripts are no longer coming.

Currently Down or Retired

  • If you used WM3.0 beta, please upgrade to WM3.1 standard.
  • If you used WM2.x before release of WM3.1 standard, and you intend to keep using it until it is totally dead, you can download and use it separately. However, WM3.1 standard has now overwritten the standard slot where WM2 once was.
  • If you used the CafeWorld or Hidden Chronicles Sidekick by Charlie Ewing, please migrate to the one listed by OysterGirl
  • If you used the Pioneer Trail sidekick by Charlie Ewing, please migrate to the one listed by Sbgm75.
  • If you used the Farmville Sidekick by DDM, please migrate to the one listed by Sbgm75.
  • WeirDave's ChefVille sidekick is now up to date. You can re-enable that script and delete or disable the patch by Charlie Ewing.

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