WM 1.5.x is down due to FB changes it sounds, and WM 1.6 is approaching release very soon. Due to delays caused by the American holiday season, sick dogs, naughty babies and other mayhem, WM 1.6 has not released as early as I had planned a week ago. Still it will be released one whole month before my originally planned date, so that is good.

If anybody wants to try the WM 1.6 proto, feel free:

WM 1.6 Proto

But please realize a few things before you try it:

  • This is not the location of the final 1.6 script
  • This script will have to be deleted when the standard version is released
  • This will not use options from 1.5.x, including dynamics, history, sidekick or other saved options
  • You do not need new special sidekicks to make this work
  • Not all options in the 1.6 menu are functional, but they WILL be when its done, plus more
  • Not all 1.5 options made it to the 1.6 proto, some wont make it to the standard release
  • This script only runs on and no other location at this time. It will eventually run on a page dedicated to the wall manager which will keep load times to a minimum AND allow you to see your wall without WM interferance.
  • This script cannot run on profile walls, but you can add profile id's and other FB object id's to the feed manager.
  • I'm not offering support on this script so dont ask. You are on your own until 1.6 standard release hits. I will try to keep everybody informed as to what is going on as things get ready.
  • The WM 1.6 proto will not properly auto-update because it points to the old WM 1.5 script. You will need to rely on greasemonkey updater or manually get your updates to the WM proto until release date.
  • You should bookmark this page for the WM 1.6 proto download until the release date.

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