WM went to the doctor today. There is good news and there is bad news:

I've been studying the Graph 2.0 changes which have already partially taken place as of April 2014, and will be enforced in April 2015.

The good news is that the current WM can still get updates and continue to function for a while. I've been able to create automatic friend/friendlist fetchers for WM so that you can fetch stuff by those values. With that same technique, I can use it to get posts from groups you are in if that is what you want to do.

The bad news is that in April 2015, graph 2.0 will be enforced and the auth tokens we have been getting from the Graph API Explorer will only get us data shared by users who also use the explorer. This will basically put WM out of commission unless we can get the actual FB authcode from the page the user starts WM from. While that is possible, it deals with a lot more trickery than I am going to get into at any point. There is a reason they keep that code hidden.

So, as it stands right now, we have one more year to use WM (or more depending on how long the actual changeover takes). After that, if somebody else wants to be more forceful getting that token, then be my guest. I won't be the one doing the coding at that point.

There are other options: A WM app could be created where people manually share links to it. I have no interest in that at all, and it has basically already been done with GamersUnite, and probably many others.

Generally speaking, this is going to prevent all apps worldwide from accessing posts not made for or by that app. Which I guess is kinda a good thing in the longrun, because as it is so far, people can get almost anything about you on facebook they want through any app. Privacy is probably best. And with privacy comes a lot of extra brick walls and very few windows (of opportunity).

If you play these games only because this script or others let you actually have time to play the game, then I suggest you might want to explore other things in life to do. Can I suggest gardening, or photography? Because that is likely what I will be doing. Maybe I'll plant some flowers on WM's grave next summer.

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