I have been thinking hard about the WM and trying to keep it alive after next april. Not many people are using it, but for those that do, it is an indispensable tool. In its current form, it will be nothing but a dead lump next April. But, if we revert it to its original form, one that pulls off the facebook wall as facebook displays it, then maybe we can still use at least part of it. It won't have 50% or more of its current capabilities, but that might not be all bad.

The problems will revert to those it had years ago:

  • any time facebook makes layout changes, WM will die and need to be repaired.
  • scam posts with weird app id's will need to be filtered to avoid virus/worm contact
  • posts may not fetch in order, and may skip hundreds of posts by your friends because of how the base interface works

Would you use it?

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