I will be releasing WM revision 39 today. But before I do, I want you all to know a few things. And hopefully people actually read these blogs, if not, I guess its not my fault.

OK first thing, I added the ability to collect from your friend's profiles. This has been asked about for over a year. I said yes, I said no, I said maybe. But now, I said yes because I had specific use for it myself.

Here's the problem: there are two or more profile layouts. One functions for users who chose an alias, the other main layout functions for those who did not. The page address for both main types is hugely different and so choosing to "Dont process on: profile" from the options menu will not always work.

Problem 2: Most sidekicks currently out do not support profile collection and have an exclude statement at the top of the script specifically to prevent even running on the profile. Yay. But the problem really is that if WM runs there and the sidekicks dont, then sidekicks dont attach. Any time a sidekick is missing and you save your options, that sidekick's options are wiped. I'm working on that right now, but its not fixed.

For sidekick developers, if you want to keep up and/or allow your sidekick to collect from profiles, remove the exclude line:

// @exclude*

In the meantime, you could actually change it to:

// @exclude*

And one third strange thing that may or may not happen to you: If you are on a facebook feed which has no SK= parameter in it, the script may run even if you expected it to not run there. Just a warning.

As stated a month ago on this wiki, if you save your options while any sidekick is missing, that sidekick's options will be wiped out and you will have to reselect your options again. Please be aware of this issue until a better method comes out for saving options. Thanks.

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