Now that I have a little time each day. I will be working on an improved wiki format. The new format will be almost entirely visual, click this click that. No more dropdowns or selection boxes of any kind.

  • There will be scrolling advertisements for approved sidekicks
  • There will be scrolling "recent" lists
  • There may be a ticker showing blurbs from blogs
  • There may be a few more people added as admins
  • There will be a ton of new templates so I can avoid having to copy and paste lots of stuff. These templates will update every place they exist in the page all at once.
  • If you have bookmarked any pages on this wiki, you may need to make some adjustments, but for the most part, all MAIN documentation will stay where it is.
  • A new page will appear for the installation of sidekicks and other game related scripts.
  • Many pages will restrict comments so that comments will be directed to a forum page instead.
  • The entry page will now show blog posts and a nice interface to direct you where you need to be.

For users of my FBWM appearance modifying script, you may see some odd issues here and there, but I will try to keep up on that script as I make changes to the wiki.

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