I'm having issues with wikia this week. Im not getting notices of your comments and posts either on my latest activity sidebar, or to my email address.

Because of this, im having to hunt around and see whats going on. Its as bad as right now.

Do keep posting and commenting. It might just take me a while to respond. Add to that the fact Im still busy finalizing my move and doing my fall cleanup.

I am still working on updates for WM 1.5, but will be moving to WM 1.6 shortly. There should be a lot of good content in it for you that should make use of WM family script easier, including a debugging window. Yes I know that thing is incomplete right now and you can't even close it if you open it. So...don't open it :) And yes I know there is a repeating error in it. Don't worry about that error. Its captured and has no effect on how your script is running. This isnt the error console you are looking for. Move along.

In the meantime, if you need me for anything, feel free to use the red phone to contact me.

Red phone 128

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