Ok all, its about time, but I've been working on some chrome support in the main script.

You may find that simple sidekicks like RwF/RsC or other one click wonders work perfectly with WM 2.2 in chrome. There are however a few stipulations to get it working. You may or may not find them to be requirements.

  • FBWM must run before sidekicks, just like it used to with WM 1
  • You must restart chrome after any change in library files associated with FBWM. If you update FBWM, only the 86674 script will be updated on your computer. All library files (we're up to like 6 of them now) will use last known verisons until you restart chrome. This will almost certainly crash FBWM.
  • You may find that you need to immediately refresh the browser after FBWM starts, even if you just refreshed it to get FBWM to even start. Something is wrong with the way chrome gets the data out of storage such as history and options. It will basically forget who you are when you start FBWM the first time per browser session. I cannot otherwise explain this and its a very good way to screw your saved options up. So in short, click to go to FBWM launch page, refresh the page, as soon as it starts, refresh the page, wait and then just use as normal.

Now...moving on: there are at least two sidekicks that DO not work in chrome due to stricter cross-domain rules in chrome as compared to firefox. These are farmville and pioneer trail.

I am currently working on the PT sidekick and have installed some chrome specific code to help get past this issue, but I need some PT users to help me out.

Here is what I need:

  • You need to use google chrome
  • You need to use tampermonkey
  • You need to have WM
  • You need to have PT sidekick
  • You need to disable any other sidekick that does not work with chrome yet. The list of confirmed sidekicks that DO work properly with chrome only includes ravenwood/ravenskye right now. Farmville sidekick MUST be disabled.
  • Make sure FBWM is in script slot #1 in tampermonkey's options
  • Run the script on the launch page, wait for it to start, and if it does not use your stored options, simply refresh again.

Let me know if PT sidekick and WM work for you in chrome. If they do, I will start working with DDM to get FV sidekick and others working in chrome for you too.

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